Discovering ABBA Father’s & Messiah’s Hebrew Name

Discovering ABBA Father’s & Messiah’s Hebrew Name

When I was a boy of 7 years old, and at the death of my precious beloved mother, I had a burning passion birthed in my heart towards YAHUAH’s Word. The men and women I grew up admiring most and wanting to emulate were those I found though out the Scriptures beginning to end. I would read those stories of old and let my imagination just run wild. I could just about visualize the exciting and wonderful adventures of YAHUAH’s Mighty men & women.

When I was 14 years old my Uncle Chuck Immersed me in His Greek/Latin Name according to Acts 2:38. Then and there started my Path Seeking after Him and doing my best at that time to Stand Set-Apart from the rest of the religious world…. Brother stood alone…. Even back in those days…. 

I did my all my Research Old School Style… We did not have Internet back then so at a very young age I was cracking the Books…. Going to different Schools, University and Public Libraries digging up a lot of the information we’re sharing with you today.

My Hunger and Thirst After Him has not diminished in any way. However,  the More I Learn of Him the More I discover so much more than I can fantom… 

I’ve stood outside of the Denominational Structure and was telling folk way back then that the Roman Catholic Church was Pagan and all her Denominational Daughters were as well and been trying to help people to “Come Out Of Her” …. you know speaking or referring to His People.

Even though I spent the biggest part of my life working in different Denominations as Music Minister I would not take money for my services but gave it freely as giving and serving my Master.  

I had a preconceived idea that is was only though the “Church” one could serve YAHUAH and I had to learn that the Church Doors was not the Way, Truth or The Life and was not the means of Salvation nor Servitude.

A little over 8 years ago when YAHUAH was opening my Eyes & Ears to His Hebrew Name I knew in my heart that was what I’ve been searching for all these years. From my discoveries I already knew J-sus Chr!st was a Greek/Latin Pagan influenced and replacement name. I knew that J-C was not the Messiah’s Name. Nor was Fathers Name G-D – I already knew they were titles and were replaced.

When this discovery started unfolding I realized I did not Replace my First Love I simply discovered what His Proper and True Name Was, Is and Always will be.

This has been the most exciting thing I have ever discovered in my life and it Thrills me to no end and I want to Go Tell It On The Mountain The Good News of His Paleo Hebrew Name and Introduce You to His Majesty The King of Kings…YAHUSHA The Messiah!  

I had the honor and good pleasure of being Immersed in His Proper Hebrew Name 4 years ago on August 2014 in Fort Myers Florida. Where the our Beloved Sister Sharon Audet and her awesome Brother Keith Abraham Audet Hosted the Event. Will be Eternally Grateful for YAHUAH making The Way and Opening my Eyes to The Truth of His Name. 

Since then I feel I have grown in Grace and hope I have used Wisdom trying to be instrumental introducing others to His Majesty’s True & Proper Hebrew Name and make the connection in their Hearts. 

When we are starting out on this Walk of the Ancient Paths we start learning more every day especially the importance of His Real Proper Hebrew Name.

We who are Truth Seekers seek Him with a honest heart even though we have been using the Replaced Greek/Latin Name for Him most of our lives yet He still loved us and He understood clearly why. 

However, once we do discover His Proper Hebrew Name and fall in love with it I feel He would much rather be called by His Real Hebrew Name than that which was replaced by the Greeks, Romans and the English.

Wouldn’t you prefer Your Real Name over some replaced profane name when spoken to or being addressed and referenced?

When you are just starting out it takes a while getting your vocabulary to change cause we’ve been calling Him J-sus  L-RD & G-D for so long and in our hearts we did not associate these terms to Pagans. Our hearts were pure towards Him. Just our Verbiage or Vocabulary was wrong. We have to Change Our Way of Thinking. (Repent)

However, once Light has come then we have to make a decision and choice to continue calling Him by His Replaced Name that has Pagan roots and association or do we simply say Opps.. Sorry Master for calling you by the wrong Name I though it was J-sus… and simply in your everyday life swap out the bad terms to the Good Name of YAHUAH and YAHUSHA.

Plus, one of the Commandments we are not to have other elohim’s or mighty ones before Him.

L-RD or G-D is generic and it not a Proper Name at all.

Plus, all the false deities in the earth today is called G-D.. Even ALLAH is referred to as G-D.

So I feel we are at a point in history we need to Set Ourselves Apart with His Set-Apart Name from the false g-d’s and speak and use His True Proper Hebrew Name to make it very clear to the world and others that we do not serve just any mighty one or any generic no name G-D.

Our Elohim has a Name. It is YAHUAH and His Son’s Name is YAHUSHA in the Paleo Hebrew.

However, when witnessing to others many times we need to help folk make the connection that the Hebrew YAHUDIYM (Jewish) J-sus they love and serve has a Hebrew Name and simply introduce them to our Master YAHUSHA The Messiah.

You see Beloved… We didn’t or we don’t change our “First Love” we simply discover what His True and Proper Hebrew Name really and truly was and is and always will be.

It takes time for us to brake our habit of saying J-sus, L-RD & G-D and replacing those Terms with the Proper Name YAHUSHA and YAHUAH instead of G-D or L-RD  … and plus like I just mentioned many times we have to help folk make that connection that their Hebrew YAHUDIYM (Jewish) J-sus they love and that He actually has a Hebrew Name and not a Greek/Latin/English Name.

ABBA Father & Messiah has Proper Hebrew Names Let’s Use Them!

I hope I was able to help someone sharing my heart regarding His Name and the choice Your Brother made.

Repent & Be Immersed in The Name!

Then KEPHA said unto them, Repent, and be immersed everyone of you in the name of YAHUAH-YAHUSHA for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the RUACH HAQADASH.

MA’ASIYM (ACTS) 2:38 Eth Cepher


Your Brother,

Gerald W Thomas,

A Hebrew Yashar’e’liym in ResTORAHation in New Hebron, Mississippi 

Brother Gerald W Thomas


15 thoughts on “Discovering ABBA Father’s & Messiah’s Hebrew Name

  1. HALLEHLUH yahuah, I believe on this day he just touched who are read this article and I’m so happy and I was impressed by his precious love and grace. The name is very important to us for holy convocation, and our communication.. HALLEHLUH yahuah thorough yahusha ha mosshiach

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