A Hebrew Perspective?  “I DON’T SPEAK HEBREW”

A Hebrew Perspective?  “I DON’T SPEAK HEBREW”

Your car is German. Your democracy is Greek. Your electronics are Japanese. Your cell phone is Chinese. Your letters are Latin. Your numbers are Arabic. Your clothes are Indian. Your Vodka is Russian. Your pizza is Italian and you complain you can’t speak Hebrew or say the Hebrew name of the Father or Son in English because you speak English.

It’s not a question of not being able to say The Father’s and Son’s Hebrew Name but choosing not too.

Your language is a mixture of four different languages English having no root of its own but a combination of them. 

English shares a common ancestor with German and Dutch. It has significant influence from Old Norse and from French. In addition, many words have been borrowed directly from Latin and Greek and some other languages.

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU Speaking Hebrew

Every time you say HalleluYAH you are actually speaking in Hebrew, “Praise be to YAH,” so let us PUT TO DEATH this Lie before us, shall we?

Nor is it about speaking His Hebrew Name in Hebrew, that’s a misconception to keep you from speaking His Name you claim you can’t speak, but that lie has already been destroyed and it destroys this one as well!

After all, you learned one word in Hebrew doesn’t mean you can’t learn another, especially the True Name of YAHUAH’s Son YAHUSHA!

So be truthful, it’s not about you Not Accepting and Not Doing as His Torah YAHUSHA taught you to do, but to remain disobedient and defiant against those He has sent, Yashar’el (Israel) coming in His Name, YAHUSHA!

It’s This Messiah, The Torah Himself that you do NOT want to bow unto, but deny! 

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