Is The Sky Falling Or Is Just Weather Geoengineering “Killing Us Lightly”?

Is The Sky Falling Or Is Just Weather Geoengineering “Killing Us Lightly”?

By Catherine J. Frompovich – Activist Post

Are some folks, especially those in the media, starting to wake up about what’s happening with the weather?  In the SE part of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and surrounding counties, in particular, the Spring and Summer of 2018 have been nothing short of thinking about building an ark, as we have had torrential floods weekly, if not many times daily!

The wet weather here is so bad, no one can disregard it anymore.  Some folks now have taken to making snide remarks such as, “Can Google send us some sunshine.”

The all-news radio station in this area is KYW 1060 and their reporter Lynne Adkins featured a story about the weather and how it is affecting people.  Here in the metro Philadelphia area, we have nothing but rain, more rain and torrential rains on a daily basis.  Flash flooding is the normal daily routine for drivers’ commutes, with many water rescues having to take place.  Rivers and streams flood all over the area! It’s gotten so bad that radio announcers are now making snide remarks about the weather and verbally ‘taking on’ weather forecasters about a lack of sunshine.


It’s NOT the normal weather patterns locals remember for most of their lives!

Lynne Adkins KYW News 9-25-18 Rain article featured a comment from a healthcare professional, which is extremely “right on” and probably will be responsible for people waking up to who’s messing with the weather because this just isn’t normal.

According to part of Ms. Adkins’ report,

“Lowered energy, low motivation, just overall way more sluggish than their typical baseline, more irritable. And then when you combine that with the fact that sometimes people don’t physically feel well, the weather can aggravate pain or medical ailments,” said Kim Morrison, clinical supervisor at Main Line Health Women’s Emotional Wellness Center.

“Morrison says we’re getting more miserable each day.”

My Comment About That

Daily flooding rains result from scalar clouds parked overhead for days at a time in order to drop all that rain.  Those clouds have tremendous Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) and probably Radiofrequencies (RFs) in them possibly created and held in place by HAARP.  Here’s a map of global HAARP facilities known to date.

Those facilities are capable of sending billions of microwatt energy into the ionosphere to heat it up and create weather patterns – drought, flooding rains or nucleated ice and snow – anywhere on the planet!  There is some speculation HAARP also can produce and/or activate earthquakes!  What a weather-making machine!

Can weather geoengineering be responsible for California’s ongoing six-year weather problems and much of the earth’s forests burning, plus the “Noah-like weather” in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas?

There are hundreds of U.S. patents to control weather, which are owned by the U.S. military and government.

The process by which “man-made weather,” aka Solar Radiation Management (SRM), is deployed is through the use of retrofitted airplanes for aerosol spraying “chemtrails” that rain down on earth, plant life and wildlife, all sorts of nanoparticles, toxins, and other horrendous chemicals.  Some assays have found

  • Aluminum (known to cause tinnitus)
  • Arsenic
  • Barium salts
  • Cadium s/b cadmium
  • Desiccated human blood cells
  • Ethylene dibromide
  • Lead
  • Magnesium
  • Mercury
  • Mold spores
  • Mycoplasma
  • Polymer fibers
  • Radio cesium
  • Sharp titanium shards
  • Stonthium s/b Strontium
  • Submicron particles
  • Unidentified living bacteria
  • Uranium
  • And many other toxins

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Is The Sky Falling Or Is Just Weather Geoengineering “Killing Us Lightly”?


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