So, what is Kabbalah? And why is it So Bad?

So, what is Kabbalah? And why is it So Bad?

 If you as a Christian or Natsariym, do not want to be deceived, you need to know about Kabbalah, yes … it is not pleasant to talk about and it would be nice if we didn’t have to even think about it. But, the reality is that in order to not be deceived, we must understand it. One of the last commands our ADONI YAHUSHA HA’MASHICH gave us just two days before His impalment—was: “Let no one deceive you …” (Matt 24:4), thus we must understand Kabbalah, for it is Satan’s most widely used deception among YAHUAH’s people. It is essential to have a working knowledge of some basic things concerning Kabbalah, because the whole world is centered around this occult religion.

(1 John 5:19) …the whole world lies in wickedness.

Satan’s control of the dark side is done mainly through Kabbalah, and it is even more active now as we approach the end of the age. Satan, the subtle serpent, has sown his many seeds of Kabbalah, through many “shops” and with many “flavors” that are appealing to humanity’s needs and preferences. These seeds come in a variety of disguised “packages”—making it difficult to identify what Kabbalah really is.

Kabbalah is like sugar, which comes in many different colors, forms, shapes, flavors, and textures. It is found in many processed and junk foods, such as candies, snacks, ice cream, soft drinks, cakes, and it is even hidden in things that are labeled as “health foods.” Sugar is made to be so appealing and attractive and is cleverly merchandized by those who are well- known, trusted and popular within our culture. But, at the core … sugar is a toxin that harms our organs and disrupts the body’s usual hormonal cycles according to many researchers, and it has the ability to destroy our health. It does not matter how healthy and appealing products containing sugar look … it is still sugar. Keep in mind that with sugar, come other poisons—all kinds of toxins that are blissfully eaten and enjoyed—even to the point of creating addiction. We don’t want to hear about the fact that these “sweet things” being ingested are harmful to our body—and that they lead to inevitable bad consequences, because they don’t look evil and they taste so good! So it is with Kabballah!

Satanism is like the sugar, and Kabbalah is a special flavor, that is especially concocted to be addictive. A large focus of this report is on Judaism, because it is the main distributer and vehicle of Kabbalah, and also Freemasonry being another form of Kabbalah worship. Messianic Judaism is a relatively new designed and attractive package made up just for Christians. This report will trace Kabbalah back to its origin, and reveal how it is manifesting.

Kabbalah came from Babylon, and it is the religion of the “sons of the serpent” and it is the vehicle for delivering Satanism today. So we can recognize it and those who practice it. We do not need to be experts on how Kabbalah is practiced, but it is imperative that we recognize how it manifests.

We also need to know who the kabbalists are among us—especially those who profess to be Christians or Hebrew Roots. There are key points and essential knowledge on Kabbalah that will be first explained. A summary will then be given of the origin and history of Kabbalah—in chronological order, along with some of Kabbalah’s characteristics in order to have a foundational understanding of this very confusing satanic practice. Hopefully this will also make it easier for the reader to share with others. 

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