3rd Temple-Satan’s Wedding Chapel

3rd Temple-Satan’s Wedding Chapel

Officially the FollowersofYah.com

In order for the Greatest Show on Earth, to be a complete success, the Third Temple in Israel must be built. This is a MUST watch! 

The wedding invitations have been sent out! Learn how President Donald Trump along with the Freemasons, will push for the unholy alliance. Their time table is that the Mahdi, the Jewish and Christian Messiah will be on the world stage in 3 to 5 years. Do not tie the knot with Satan by making allegiance to Satan and  it’s Wedding Vows! 

Time for the world to receive this end time message! “The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH” is about to be played out on the world stage! Get your preview right here only at the FOY ministry! This is part 2 of “The GREATEST Show On Earth”, series brought to you by the FOY (FollowersofYah.com) ministry. Help us get this message out there to the WORLD! Order your FREE DVD”S at FollowersofYah.com. 

Learn More: Watch Video:

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