Proof The Rothschild’s Purchased Jerusalem And Created Israel

The Best Documentary Ever – Proof The Rothschild’s Purchased Jerusalem And Created Israel

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows documentation and video evidence to prove that the Rothschild family has been manipulating the middle east .

The full 16 minute interview The Illuminati Lord Rothschild Discusses How His Family Created Israel ! 2017 Interview.

4 thoughts on “Proof The Rothschild’s Purchased Jerusalem And Created Israel

  1. I would suggest a slightly different conclusion.
    The Rothschilds are not at the top, but are the bankers for those who are. They do not control who wins or loses, they simply stand back and make money off those who are, hence the famous Rothschild quote;
    “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”
    And this money they use for many things including purchasing Israel and donating the land to displaced European and Russian Jews.
    Proof that the Rothschilds are not at the top is evident by the current population of vexatious Palestinians whom Israel has not been able gain permission to expel for over 60 years.
    I believe the villainising of the Rothschild is a convenient scapegoating for many elitists. The money is the easiest to track and essentially the Rothschilds got their hands caught in the cooks jar while the top conspirators are dodging attention by getting Alex Jones types to point towards literal farts in the wind like the Illuminati, bilderbergs etc.

    Now regarding Israel, What are the Rothschilds guilty of that we know of ?
    1) Purchasing land from Egyptians at inflated prices then donating them to the Jews
    2) playing a role in ww2 to solidify the Balfour agreement which rightly should have been signed 20 years prior with no resistance just as the other 95% of the land conquered from the Turks through the British/Arab revolt was given through British declaration to the arabs with no delay. Had the declaration been completed 20 years prior, it would have preventing the flooding in or Egyptians looking to gain from the new economy the Jews had built.


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