You’ve Been Intentionally Dumbed Down

You’ve Been Intentionally Dumbed Down

1 You’ve been intentionally dumbed down by the American Educational System.

2 You’ve been forced-fed lies by the Corporate-Owned Mass Media.

3 You’ve been socially engineered through Hollywood Movies, Music Industry & TV Programming.

4 You’ve been enslaved by the Banks & Credit Card Companies – Forced to Toil Your Life Away.

5 You’ve been drugged, brainwashed & robbed by Big Pharma, Big Insurance & The Big American Healthcare Racket.

6 You’ve been tricked into thinking The U.S. is a Free Democracy – Not Knowing It’s A Corporate Oligarchy.

7 You’ve been poisoned by Toxic Food, Fluoridated Water, GMO’s, The Food Industrial Complex in General and Chemtrials in the Air.


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