As you may have noticed we have started using the WordPress Site as our Personal Blogging Website and will start adding our Scripture Studies and Information to this Site as we continue building it up with the informative posts that we have been sharing on FaceBook.

We have recently created our own domain name for our blogging site to:

We will be adding new content as we go along. We have over 300 + blogs posted so far for your viewing pleasure.

What you will need to do is “Get Started” with WordPress either online with your computer or the Free WordPress App.

Then once you set up a “login” and “Password” then subscribe to my site “Gerald’s Place” by Clicking “FOLLOW”.

You will never miss a Post from Brother Gerald again if you “Follow”.

Then once I post a new blog you will get an alert in your email that will let you know that we have posted new content.

Also, If you like what you read please be sure to click “Like” regarding the article and comments are welcomed!

Plus, if you find something interesting you would like to Share you will be able to Share the information to your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Accounts. Plus! You can Print or Email. Plus More.

Hope to see you there at:

Gerald’s Place
#Hebrew #Scriptures

Click on Link:

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