A True Mother Vs Just a Woman

A True Mother Vs Just a Woman

They were once was a man of YAHUAH that had influenced my life in my early years. I am reminded of a story he once told about the difference between a woman and a mother. Now this is all by memory and hope you will understand the message in the story.

One evening, at my Minister Brother’s home he was speaking to a young married couple about the difference between “Just a woman” and a “True Mother”. He shared with them of a black woman that had a baby by a white man.

Instead of her keeping the child and giving it a life she decided to throw the child over a bridge into a river and kill the baby. 

The Brother went on to explain to them that was not a mother but rather “Just a woman”.

As the couple was leaving and the Brother walked them outside he was getting ready to make a few more remarks regarding a mother and suddenly a mother opossum that had her babies all on her back had been hit by a car and injured badly. 

At once the Brother was concern of everyones safety having an injured animal around, especially with her young, may attack in fear. 

So he saw a garden rake near by and shooed the critter off.

At that point the young married couple was ready to leave and they said their fair wells.

Later that night as the Brother was reading his Scriptures his little daughter came climbing on his lap. As she cuddled up to her daddy she asked.

“Daddy you know that hurt mama possum we saw earlier today?” 

He says. ” Yes honey. Why yo ask?” 

She told him, “Daddy that injured mama possum is on our back porch. Is there anything you can do for it?” 

He said to his daughter, “Honey, daddy will see what he can do and take a look at it.” 

At that very moment YAHUAH spoke to his heart and said. “Son, you were speaking today about the difference of just a woman, and a “True Mother”. Go to that back porch and I will show you a “True Mother”. 

He did as YAHUAH said and looked and saw that poor mama possum dying taking her last breath and at the same time nursing and give life to her babies as her life was expiring. 

YAHUAH spoke to the Brother and said “Son, there is a “True Mother”

The Brother was so moved by the RUACH (Spirit) of YAHUAH by this Revelation of a “True Mother” he got on his knees, laid hands on that dying mama possum and prayed. 

YAHUAH miraculously healed that mama possum. It immediately stood up and the babies got on her back and she walked down the driveway heading back into the woods. 

But just before interring in the forest she turned back and looked at the Brother and gave out an opossum hiss as in saying. “Thank You”

Told By William Marrion Branham 


One thought on “A True Mother Vs Just a Woman

  1. Waoh, I missed you on facebook and I have to Google to search for geraldplace to locate you. Thank God. The story line is well understood and touchy. May God bless you.

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