Purim celebrates Hebrew Esther’s victory over anti-Semitic Haman.

Purim is NOT a Sabbath and is NOT a High Holy Day!

PURIM, the Feast of Esther and the Festival Of Lots, is not a YAHUAH-established, YAHUAH-ordained Feast / Festival. 

PURIM is not mentioned in Tanakh, the Hebrew’s Holy Scriptures (The Old Testament, in Christian Bibles), and it is not even mentioned in the historical Book Of Esther. 

For, following Shemini Atzeret in early fall, the next Holy Day on YAHUAH’s calendar is the next Passover, six months later, in the following spring, a month after PURIM.

This means that both Simchat Torah and Hanukkah (Chanukah), along with PURIM, are NOT Scriptural holy days, they are not YAHUAH-established, and they are not YAHUAH-ordained. 

PURIM is a later-established celebration to commemorate a feast and subsequent victorious events recorded in The Book Of Esther.

Since PURIM could fall on any day of the week, other than when on Saturday (a routine, weekly, Sabbath) there is no special, YAHUAH-ordained “Holy-Day” or Sabbath on PURIM because PURIM is a tradition-based celebration instituted by men, not by YAHUAH.

The three High Holy Days established by YAHUAH are: 

1 – The first day of the Feast Of Unleavened Bread (Chag Ha Matzoh) – 15 Abiv – The day after The Passover. 

2 – Pentecost (Shavu’ot) – On a Sunday, very late in spring, fifty days from the first Sunday following (after) The Passover. 

3 – The first day of the Feast Of Tabernacles (Sukk’ot) – 15th day of the 7th Month – Five days after Yom Kippur 

These three YAHUAH-ordained High Holy Days are Annual High Sabbaths, “Pilgrimage” Sabbaths.

On YAHUAH’S Calendar, there are no OTHER High Holy Days!

About which, see:  Ex. 23:14-17  —  Lev. Chapter 23  —  Deu. 16:16




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