Let Me Get This Straight 

Let Me Get This Straight 

You have mercury in your teeth; you’ve been injected dozens of times with mercury, aluminum and multiple other excitotoxins and neurotoxins, your breathing nanoparticle aluminum, barium salts and lithium; 

Your food has been poisoned with heavy metals, Aspartame, monosodium glutamate and dozens of other neurotoxins:

Your municipal water is poisoned with brain destroying hydrofluorosilcic acid, lead, aluminum, chlorine and other neurotoxins;

You’ve been indoctrinated in globalist public schools, mesmerized and mind controlled by globalist-controlled news and entertainment media and “your” government continually lies to you, threatens you with violence and scares you into submission with false-flag attacks.

So, no I’m neither surprised nor upset when you pose stupid arguments and call me a “conspiracy theorist”. I understand, and I forgive you.


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