If We Can Guard Against Twistianity We Can Be Good Servants Of YAH.

If We Can Guard Against Twistianity We Can Be Good Servants Of YAH.

By Jimmy Mmathate Selesho

When the Veil of the Holy of Holies was torn in two pieces when the Messiah gave his last breath during the imalement, it signaled an an to the Levi priesthood and the handing over of priesthood to the order of Melkidzedek. 

It was an end to the priesthood of physical choice to the priesthood of spiritual choice (Hebrews 7, 1 John 2:27). 

Melkidzedek priesthood is a spiritual selection and does not need any formal teaching nor a theology diploma to understand it. Anybody can be a priest and if one can read one can help others to read. 

Melkidzedek teachings do not need synagogues like modern pastors want to twist to be accepted. That is why Paul was explaining in Acts 7:48 and Acts 17:23-25, to the Greeks that the Elohim of creation does not need our temples and does not even enter them. The imalemen only happened in 34AD but it was only in 70AD that the prophecy of the Hebrew Messiah that Yerushalem shall be destroyed was fulfilled by the soldiers of the Roman Emperor Titus. This signaled an end to the synagogue system of worship in the Hebrew faith but the beginning of the era of the creeping of lies into the faith.

Yerushalem is the only building on earth that has ever been filled with the Divine Presence and any other building that claims to house the Elohim/God is a lie. The Messiah promised his followers another Guardian to protect them after his departure and this was fulfilled by the Ruach Ha Qodesh/ Holy Spirit in Acts 2:1-15 on the Shavuot/Day of Pentecost. This spirit got into man and not into buildings, telling us that from then we shall be the living Houses of the Elohim and not our man-made buildings. 

This was the first time the Spirit got into gentiles and this is what speaking in tongues is about.

People of different languages who did not know/understand Hebrew understood Hebrew in their own language. An Egyptian heard Hebrew as if it was Egyptian. It must not be confused with the preaching lie that we see among Sunday pastors where the pastor introduces a strange language that his followers do not know and claims that the ‘spirit makes him speak in tongues’.

We can say Shavuot was the real birth of the gentile assembly although a majority of pastors seem to know nothing about, they don’t even care to observe it saying it is Jewish, not knowing that Pentecost is part of the Passover and if there was no Pentecost there wouldn’t be Passover or vice versa.

According the above verses we don’t really need to have somebody we belong to called a pastor.

Tithes ended with the priesthood of Levi because this donations were used to take care of Yerushalem and them. 

That is why Messiah told his disciples to teach for free and not to carry money purses while modern pastors carry saves and cases to the church/circe/circus as is the root origin of the word. No wonder people convert Leviticus banned snakes into chocolates in the name of ‘Jesus’.

I prayed hard before I wrote this message and people must understand that when the Elohim said where two or three gather in my name I Am in their midst He was saying we don’t need crowds to worship Him. 

Many evil teachers say Jews killed the Messiah and they have now replaced Yisrael. 

Falsehood because what Yah is coming to save is still what He calls Yisrael, the only difference being that He will merge True Yisrael which He still shall clean and forgive, together with Gentile believers who observe the Shabbats, the Feasts and the Commandments. 

No salvation is spared for anybody not observing the Shabbat like the article posted by Gerald W Thomas explained.

No Shabbat no Salvation as concluded by Hebrews 4:9 because if I quote the Tanakh/Old Testament your businessman pastor shall say it is outdated.

Come out of her/church system my people (Revelation 18:4, Revelations 1:3)


Hebrew Levi

Jimmy Mmathate Selesho


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