Tithing Today is NOT from YAHUAH

Tithing Today is NOT from YAHUAH

The tenth or tithe was instituted by the Almighty at a time when there was a body of set-apart people who devoted their entire lives to serving YAHUAH

Sadly, today, all those in the so-called “full time ministry” are in gross error, as evidenced by much of the material on this site, by giving a tenth regularly to such people the person giving YOKES, that is connects, themselves to the sins of the person that they are giving to and open themselves up for judgment and attack by the Satanic realm, see the webpage on Judgment in this Life

The harsh reality is that one of the principal reasons that YAHUSHA lived and died was to enable individual believers to walk in right standing with YAHUAH, be led by His Spirit because the Priesthood was corrupt and the Temple was about to be destroyed so the ordinances of Moshe could no longer be observed using the traditional means

Thus we are EACH called to personal relationship with YAHUAH and the harsh reality is that you will NOT get there through your local Priest or Pastor, you will HAVE to turn directly to YAHUAH

Accordingly, financially supporting a Professional Religious Minister, while it may feel good, is NOT productive for you or for them

Yes, YAHUAH may tell you to give money to any person on the planet but, today, He is NOT going to ask you to contribute a tenth of your income monthly to such a Professional

Note also that because of the Yoke you will stunt and hold back your own growth with YAHUAH and IF you attend Church, or Synagogue or Mosque regularly you are likely to be led into serious error, worship YAHUAH in the privacy of your own home, be taught by His Spirit, fast regularly and actively seek to become His friend

But, you say, what about “prosperity”?

The brutal truth?

It is NOT from YAHUAH!

It has taken me a LONG time to get to grips with this but it is the truth

YAHUAH wants us to seek treasure in Heaven, He wants YOU to aspire to become a wise steward, then a good and faithful servant, then an overcomer and ultimately His friend, those are ETERNAL ranks and rewards

Yes, YAHUAH likes to give his children good things in this life but the forces of darkness do NOT want the true servants of YAHUAH, the servants who are making an impact, blessed so it is VERY difficult for a truly committed believer who is actively seeking truth and seeking to get close to YAHUAH to prosper, it IS possible, but it is VERY difficult

You see, there is a catch

As you get closer to YAHUAH you become a threat to the forces of darkness, while you were sitting in church and abdicating your responsibility to seek relationship with YAHUAH to another, you were not much of a threat, so the forces of darkness were NOT too vigilant with regard to sin in your life, BUT once you become serious then Judgment in this Life kicks into HIGH GEAR and they will seek judgment for even the smallest infringement

Thus, the harsh reality, those who are prospering in terms of prosperity teaching are prospering because they are little or NO threat to the Satanic realm, they are using the blasphemous names, worshipping idols (Jesus, the Cross, the Bible, etc) and having little impact so, because they believe that YAHUAH is rewarding them, the Satanic realm goes out of its way to reward them!! So they prosper in their sin, error and delusion!!

This principle relates to “The Mark of the Beast”! 

But the Mark of the Beast is the micro-chip you say?

NOT SO, the Mark of the Beast is IN the forehead, in other words it is IN your brain in other words it is WHAT YOU THINK and it is IN your right hand so it is what you write and what you shake hands on (covenant on), IF you are breaking ANY of the Ten Commandments in what you think, speak, contract, write or otherwise do you HAVE the Mark of the Beast and you will be able to engage profitably in commerce

Thus most believers are able to prosper in terms of prosperity teaching because they HAVE the Mark and are therefore free to trade — in other words they are NOT opposed by the forces of darkness in the area of finance — so, IF you are prospering in terms of Prosperity Teaching you have a serious problem

But this I say, He which sows sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which sows bountifully shall reap also bountifully. 

Every man according as he purposes in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for YAH loves a cheerful giver.


What to do with your money?

When YAHUAH tells you to give, then give, but make sure that YAHUAH has spoken and do NOT yoke yourself to people who are in error.

Else engage in works for YAHUAH, whatever those may be and use the tenth (tithe) to finance those activities — YOU are called to minister but support yourself through full time employment.



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2 thoughts on “Tithing Today is NOT from YAHUAH

  1. I so appreciate this blog I started years ago studying for myself off and on but was always told that my understanding was flawed. I said only the Holy Spirit can teach me properly but was told I can’t receive teaching without a teacher. I also questioned why everyone else’s god had a name but we only called our god God but never received an answer. Yahuah has finally let me find others who have the understanding Continue in the blessing and share the revelations the Holy Spirit gives to you

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