THE TWO STICK PROPHECY: Ezekiel (Yechezkel) 37:15-22 

THE TWO STICK PROPHECY: Ezekiel (Yechezkel) 37:15-22 

15 The Word of YHUH [2607] came again to me, saying, 

16 Moreover, you Ben-adam, take one piece of wood and write upon it, For Yahudah and for the children of Yisrael his chaverim: then take another piece of wood and write upon it, For Yoseph, the piece of wood of Efrayim and for all Beit Yisrael his chaverim: [2608] 

17 And join them one to another into one piece of wood; and they shall become echad in your hand. [2609]

18 And when the children of your people  [2610] shall speak to you, saying, Will you not show us what you mean by these? [2611] 

19 Say to them, This says the Master YHUH; See, I will take the piece of wood of Yoseph, which is in the hand of Efrayim, [2612] and the tribes of Yisrael his companions, [2613] and will put them with the piece of wood of Yahudah and make them one piece of wood and they shall be one in My hand. [2614]  [2615] 

20 And the two pieces of wood on which you write shall be in your hand before their eyes. [2616] 

21 And say to them, This says the Master YHUH; See, I will take the children of Yisrael from among the nations, where they have gone, [2617] and will gather them on every side, [2618] and bring them into their own land: 

22 And I will make them [2619] one nation  [2620] in the land upon the mountains of Yisrael; [2621] and One Melech  [2622] shall be Melech over them all: [2623] and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two malchutim any more: [2624]

Ezekiel (Yechezkel) 37:15-22 RSTNE

Foot Notes:

[2607] Messiah returns a second time to bring to pass the two-stick restoration of Yisrael. 

[2608] Both pieces of wood, or both houses, have friends who have joined them, but may not be biological Yisraelites. But in the restoration and regathering of both houses, they are included, because The Father considers them Yisrael. 

[2609] Both houses are destined to become one olive tree in the hands of the end-time Son of Man, Messiah our King. 

[2610] Most who ask about, or express an interest in the two sticks, are Yisraelites, or else they would be like most who read these verses and do not stop to ask and meditate upon them. 

[2611] This question still needs to be asked and the answer sought for. Most believers have no clue as to what the two wooden sticks represent, or of their significance in their own personal lives. The two sticks of the two-house reunion still raise many questions. 

[2612] Because Efrayim received the birthright of Joseph after Jacob bypassed Manasseh and because Efrayim became by far the largest and most predominant tribe of the north. Also because their first king Jeroboam was an Efrayimite. 

[2613] The other 9 tribes. 

[2614] The wonderful and earth-changing final event of this age. The House of Yisrael/Efrayim being rejoined to the House of Judah, after 2,900 years of division, strife and civil war. 

[2615] The two houses can come together only in Messiah’s hand. Any attempts to seek church, or Jewish leaders in summits of the flesh are ordained to result in failure. He and He alone can find us, revive us and rejoin us – bone-to-bone and stick-to-stick. 

[2616] Meaning “in your hand continually,” implying that the two-house message is not a side issue, but is one that true prophets must continually present before the eyes of all Yisraelites, lest we forget the true meaning of “thy kingdom come” and our King is coming. 

[2617] That’s where the ten tribes are. They are not in Jewish-Yisrael, nor modern Jewry, other than by a small crossover representation. The “fullness of the nations” are just where YAH said they’d be, in and among the nations, filling the gentile nations, often camouflaged as nations.

 [2618] All sides and lands. 

[2619] Not man, or man’s planning, or man’s wisdom, or man’s aliyah/immigration, or man’s laws of immigration. 

[2620] Future tense. An unfulfilled prophecy. 

[2621] All Yisrael’s territory shall be returned, including the Palestinian and Jordanian occupied West Bank and all the mountains of Efrayim. 

[2622] Messiah ‑ YAH’s Son. 

[2623] Judah by and large sadly continues to reject Yisrael’s one and only chosen King for both nations of Yisrael. The very fact that Jewish-Yisrael does not claim the same King as Efrayim-Yisrael, is further solid evidence that the two houses have never been fully reunited as some false teachings continue to foolishly claim. We have not missed the reunion, as it remains a future end-time event. 

[2624] When and only when the King comes.

Glossary of Hebrew Words:

ben-adam (H) Son Of Man Pronounced, “Ben ad- ahm” Spelled With Lower Case “a” When Referring To Someone Other Than Yahusha. 

Yahudah (H) Judah

Yisrael-Yisraahl (H) Israel (The Nation, Or Land, Or Person Known As Jacob, Depending On The Context); Means Overcoming With El

Chaverim (H) Friends, Or Companions 

Yoseph (H) Joseph, Or YHUH Has Added, Or Enlarged

Efrayim (H) Efrayim; Collective Term For The Ten Tribes After 721 BCE, Or The Single Tribe Depending On The Context

Beit Yisrael (H) House Of Israel

Echad (H) One, Or Oneness, Or Unity, Or Compound Unity 

Personal Proper Name YHUH 

Melech (H) King

Malchutim (H) Kingdoms (Plural)



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